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Male Escorts Go On Trial For “Rough Sex” Murder Of Chelsea Man – Gothamist

New York Daily News

Male Escorts Go On Trial For "Rough Sex" Murder Of Chelsea Man
Now the Manhattan DA's office say that Faulker and Martinez-Herrera were male escorts who killed Laubach during consensual sex. The Daily News reports that prosecutor Lanita "Hobbs admitted Laubach routinely paid young Hispanic males to come to his …
Trial begins for 2 male prostitutes accused of killing Manhattan customer New York Daily News
New York florist John Laubach found dead in apartment after 'suffocation Daily Mail

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Atlanta firehouse in hot water after online sex ads show women on station truck – Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Atlanta firehouse in hot water after online sex ads show women on station truck
Daily Mail
Firefighters at one Atlanta station appear to have let things get a little too hot at work. Photos have surfaced that show two escorts posing on the station's truck and inside the men's locker room while wearing department rescue gear. Those pictures
Online escort ads shot at Atlanta firehouse, investigation underwayNew York Daily News
Hot mess! Who allowed two escort workers to use Atlanta firehouse for racy sex BizPac Review
Firefighter placed on leave after risque pictures featuring escorts taken at CBS46 News Atlanta
WFSB –Sputnik International
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How I Became A Professional Escort

Not all escorts are women who have been treated badly, or are suffering from daddy issues. Take me for example; I came into the trade completely by accident.

I was sitting at a bar one night having a drink alone when I was approached by a handsome, older gentleman. He asked if I would mind if he sat next to me and offered to buy me a drink. We sat and talked for a few hours before he told me he had a room at the hotel across the street, and would I like to accompany him to his room for another cocktail?

Normally I’m not a one-night-stand type of girl, but this guy had IT. Charm, grace, intelligence, and just the right amount of gray to make him distinguished. Feeling high from the booze, I agreed and off we went. I wasn’t so drunk as to forget my own methods of staying safe, and that might be what lead to the misunderstanding. When we got to his hotel I called my home phone and left the information about where I was going and who I was with on my answering machine. I always figured that if something happened to me I could at least give the police a direction to start!

We had an incredible night of sex, and I’m not talking about married-life missionary sex either. This was swinging from the chandelier stuff; the stuff that dreams can be called from when sex is no longer on the table.

When I awoke the next morning he was already gone. I smiled as I thought of him creeping around the room picking up his things so as not to disturb me. As I stretched my arms out wide on the bed I felt something on the pillow next to me. I turned over and there on the pillow, to my surprise was note and some money, held by a banana. “Eat your breakfast” the note said, and under that “I hope this is enough, I had a great time!” I counted the hundreds he had left on the pillow and suddenly realized that he thought I was a pro! At first I was a bit angry, but as I sat counting the money the light started to dawn. You mean I can earn money while having the time of my life? I’m in!!

Escorts can be found today in a wide variety of ways; however I would recommend that you receive a recommendation if this is your first time. Be clean, polite, and treat your escort as you wish to be treated.

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Former escort madam who worked with Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton pens ‘erotic … – New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Former escort madam who worked with Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton pens 'erotic
New York Daily News
An outsider might think Jami Rodman ruined the life of Suzy Favor Hamilton — as a powerful madam in Las Vegas, Rodman took the former Olympian in as a call girl, leading to the explosive expose of their sex service in 2012 that put them out of sex
Suzy Favor Hamilton at her Wisconsin home after admitting working as a high
Olympic Runner Suzy Favor Hamilton Becomes Top Las Vegas EscortABC News
My Secret Life: How I went from Olympic athlete to high-priced
Yibada (English Edition) –Los Angeles Times
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